Upgrade Your Health, Upgrade Your Life

Our team of wellness practitioners will help you feel your best inside and out. Our goal is to support you on your journey toward a happier and more vibrant life. Let’s address your physical, mental, and emotional goals to discover the healthiest you. We cover the costs so you can focus on your health.

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What We Do

  • Help you optimize and sustain your overall well-being – always free of charge
  • Utilize a holistic, evidence-based approach in addressing your health concerns and goals
  • Provide confidential, non-judgmental, virtual guidance for you to achieve the life that you want
  • Discover simple yet effective wellness solutions to address your daily needs and improve health
  • Create balance in all areas of your life: diet, environment, relationships, spirituality, and career
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How to start:

  1. Click the “Choose Your Coach” button to browse our directory and select your practitioner

  2. Email the coach directly or use the available schedule to choose your preferred day and time to book a session

  3. Begin with your first 50-min intake video session

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On-Going Support

  • Continue with weekly 30 to 50-minute video sessions

  • Ongoing sessions are available as long as needed

  • Optional access to our clinical psychologist and naturopathic doctor

  • You’ll never be charged for our one-on-one, confidential services

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Tailored to You

  • Create a healthy path forward with a customized plan for your goals, nutritional preferences, and lifestyle

  • Personalized coaching sessions are conveniently offered through video calls with the coach of your choice

  • Our team of healthy-living experts provide free services and resources — guiding you to pivot from surviving to thriving


Are these services really free?

Yes, we believe healthcare should be accessible to everyone regardless of income. Providing free wellness services is part of our long-term goal to improve healthcare by focusing on preventative health and a patient-centered approach.

What’s a health coach?

  • A certified wellness practitioner that stretches you to achieve goals you never dreamed were possible
  • The difference between “I want to do it” and “I DID IT!”
  • A guide that supports you to have the health, body, and life that you want
  • A wellness expert that holds your hand to give you the confidence you need to reach your health goals
  • A professional that helps you overcome health problems and build healthy habits that align with your lifestyle and how you want to feel
  • A dedicated listener to understand your specific needs and goals

And that’s just the beginning. Can you imagine having your personal coach guiding, supporting, and cheering you on as you reach and even surpass your goals? How would that feel? What would become possible for you?

How do I qualify for these services?

You qualify if you’re an adult (18 or older), have a phone, tablet, or computer, and access to the internet to log into our video sessions.

Do I need to provide my insurance or credit card information?

You’ll never be asked for your insurance or credit card information. No documentation is required for our services.

Why are your services free?

As a nonprofit organization, we’re eliminating the barriers to health to support you during COVID-19 and beyond. We believe that optimal health should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income. Count on a genuine partnership customized to your needs. ALWAYS FREE and confidential, no credit-cards or insurance required, no strings attached, from the comfort of your phone or PC. With unlimited one-on-one video sessions, you’ll have everything you need to achieve your health goals.

How many free sessions can I access?

You have access to free sessions for an unlimited amount of time. The number of sessions corresponds to your needs and goals.

The only limit is that you can work with just one health coach at a time. You also have the option to see a clinical psychologist and naturopathic doctor along with your coach.

What type of health goals can you help me with?

We can support you with sleep, stress, anxiety, weight, digestion, allergies, immunity, energy, inflammation, skin, depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other wellness and life goals.

How will my information be used?

We are HIPPA compliant and will never use your information for other reasons besides supporting you with your goals. Your sessions and data are always kept confidential.

Do you only serve women?

Our initial focus is women, but the village is here to serve anyone who needs us.

Can I change coaches or work with multiple coaches?

We believe that to get the most out of our services, you should work with one health coach at a time. However, you can transfer to another coach who might be more compatible with your needs (see health coach providers bios).

Will My Care Village replace my doctor’s care?

No. We support and supplement your current care plan and welcome partnership with healthcare providers.

If you are experiencing an immediate emergency please call 911.
If you are feeling suicidal please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255. Counselors are available for you 24/7.