Reduce costs,
Improve lives

Supplement your clinical services at a fraction of the cost with My Care Village. Give your patients immediate access to virtual behavioral and mental health services — support them when they need it most.

A doctor holding a patient's arm during a consultation

Better patient compliance

Health coaches can help expose and remove hidden barriers for your patients in complying with critical clinical protocols prescribed by you.

A client on her laptop during her session with a health coach wearing a yellow sweater and glasses

Expanded access to mental health resources

Our model assures that certified health coaches are additionally trained in trauma and recovery. Our multi-state licensed clinical psychologists, naturopathic doctors, yoga therapists, and personal trainers provide additional support when warranted.

A close up of a hospital administrators hand signing documents

Reducing hospital cost burdens

2019 data show that unnecessary ER visits from the chronically ill cost the healthcare system 8.3 billion dollars. Our services are a low-cost option for partners. Patients meet virtually with their dedicated health coach — receiving the immediate nutrition, lifestyle, and mental health guidance these patients have been missing. Thereby mitigating the need for costly repeat ER visits.

Clinically accepted standard assessment

We use PHQ9 to evaluate mental health, choose the appropriate practitioners, and create customized wellness plans.

HIPAA compliance

We employ state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant technology for care coordination and information sharing.

Plan for Providers:

  • $60 per session for virtual health coaching

  • 45-min one-on-one health coaching sessions

  • Maximum of ten health coaching sessions per month

  • $175 per additional therapy session with a clinical psychologist

  • Maximum of four 50-min sessions per month with a clinical psychologist

  • Access to the monthly report of patient status

  • 6-month medical status review

  • $60 for 30-minute personal training sessions –– per use programs

    • $60 for 30-minute mindfulness sessions –– per use programs

If you are experiencing an immediate emergency please call 911.
If you are feeling suicidal please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255. Counselors are available for you 24/7.